Posted on Jul 3, 2019

Monica Today

“New brain computer interface technology.” That’s the Ted talk that I just watched. The future of technology. Technology will and is creating experiences that have previously been regarded as paranormal.

But what are Clairvoyants or Mediums but super sensitive, bio-electric, wireless computers that are so sensitive that they are able to receive and transmit data beyond the comprehension of many?

What are Savants but humans that have been born with wiring so attuned to source knowledge that it oozes from their very being?

One day we will look back on the limitations of this current time period. We will laugh at the way that some dismissed mental telepathy, communication between the past, future, parallel dimensions and those no longer in bodies. We will see that spirit, love and oneness are the flowing river behind all of our illusions of limitation. We will reflect in wonder about the past persecutions of those that “knew” more than they were supposed to.

Happy Independence Day. Free your minds!!! The rest will follow!!!
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